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Typology: Retail Tenant Improvement


Site: Pedestrian Mall Esplanade / Santa Monica, CA / The Third Street Promenade

Size: 7,500 ft2

Completion: Fall 2017

Converse and Nike have been partners since the firm was founded in Los Angeles. We are tasked with completely redesigning their West Coast Flagship by partnering with the brand design team and local artists to deliver a powerful new presence in a marquee location. Santa Monica and particularly the ownership of the building were notorious for being particular in every regard to the modification of the space and we are accustomed to these types of relationships.

The space was divided into different experience nodes and assigned an artist to express a specific brand initiative in each space. We worked very closely with each of them to ensure constructability and safety and to ensure land lord approval prior to construction. The result was an excellent space delivered on time for the grand opening and a sales success that is still talked about by Converse leadership. We are looking forward to the next one!

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